Managed services are the core competency of Innovative Technology Solutions. If @@CLIENT@@ chooses to entrust ITS with this engagement, we will improve the technology, processes and procedures governing these services to improve service execution. Further, we will offer continuous improvement opportunities to further reduce costs and improve efficiencies to add value to @@CLIENT@@. Thank you… Continue reading SUMMARY


ITS is a global managed services provider with 35 years of experience in managing IT infrastructure and operations (I&O). We accelerate business value for our customers by providing flexible customized solutions for enterprise technology monitoring and management, service desk outsourcing, security and desk-side support. ITS enables customers to focus on their strategic initiatives by providing… Continue reading A LITTLE ABOUT US


01.IMPROVED BUSINESS FOCUS Outsourcing lets firms focus on broader business issues while having operational details assumed by outside experts. For many organizations, the “how” issues are siphoning off huge amounts of management resources and attention. 02.ACCESS TO WORLD-CLASS CAPABILITIES By the very nature of their specialization, outsourcing providers bring extensive resources to their clients. Partnerships… Continue reading STRATEGIC


At the strategic level, outsourcing is an effective business strategy for staying ahead of the competition, while enhancing productivity & profitability. From a management viewpoint, outsourcing provides the client with employees who have a higher level of skill and knowledge for basic office support functions, thus elevating the quality of work and freeing senior staff… Continue reading THE BENEFITS OF OUTSOURCING


With a @@INCREASE@@% increase in employee uptime, @@CLIENT@@ gains @@HOURS@@ hrs of employee productivity a year, which your leadership team can use to realign resources for more strategic initiatives or can take directly to bottom-line profitability.


Given the data we’ve received, we believe that our programs wil generate a significant short and long term ROI.


that most of the data used in this analysis come from interviewing @@CLIENT@@ personnel and the data provided thereof, including the numbers of employees, employee salaries, benefits, the cost of benefits overall for the company, service levels, etc. There are some assumptions made in the model which compare the provided data against industry standards.


01.REDUCE OPERATIONAL COSTS Access to outside providers’ lower cost structure is one of the most compelling short-term benefits of outsourcing. In an Outsourcing Institute survey, organizations reported that on average they saw a 9% reduction in costs through outsourcing. 02.OPPORTUNITY COST Partnering to deliver IT infrastructure and operations at the desired metrics levels free up… Continue reading TACTICAL